James Dudley (Owner/Head Guide)    

    I grew up just outside of Augusta,GA and I spent most of my life working in the golf business as a Course Superintendent and in Sales for the Sports Turf Market. My time off consisted of more fishing & hunting than on the links.  I've spent a lifetime outdoors in one capacity or another, and I enjoy any setting outside of four walls!  Fly Fishing has been an addiction for over 20 years and sharing that experience and knowledge with others is more of a passion than it is a job.  
    As a youngster, fishing was always something I couldn't get enough of and that continues to ring true to this day.  Introducing people to fly fishing and watching their excitement when they hook a fish is, well, just another link between me and the fish.  Making the connection with all those elements in between is what it's all about.  I want to make sure all my clients get connected with what they are looking for when they book a trip with The Field & Fly!